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AI Video: How to Create Animated Videos Using AI? In 2024

AI Video

In today’s digital age, making enthralling energized recordings has become a fundamental device for organizations, content makers, and advertisers. With the headway of innovation, AI video generators and AI video editors have altered how we produce vivified content. Gone are the times of expenditure endless hours of physically enlivening scenes. Anyone can now quickly realize their ideas thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. In this extensive aid, we’ll investigate how to harness the capacities of computer-based intelligence to make dazzling vivified recordings easily.

Understanding AI Video Technology

Let’s first understand the concept of AI video technology before moving on to the production process. AI video generators use refined calculations and AI procedures to computerize the video creation process. These stages dissect input information like text, pictures, and sound, and afterward create comparing enlivened scenes. Also, AI video editors offer high-level altering functionalities, permitting clients to tweak their recordings easily.

Steps to Create Animated Videos Using AI

Now that you’ve picked your favored AI video tool, how about we dig into the creation cycle:

  • Define Your Objective: Before beginning, explain the reason for your video. Is it true or not that you are making an explainer video for your item? Or on the other hand maybe a special video for your business? Having an unmistakable goal will direct your imaginative choices in the interim.
  • Scriptwriting:  Create convincing content that successfully passes on your message. Keep it succinct, connecting with, and custom-made to your main interest group. When optimizing your video for search engines, keep in mind to include pertinent keywords.
  • Choose Visual Elements:  Select movements, characters, foundations, and other visual components that line up with your image and message. Take advantage of the extensive library of assets that the majority of AI video tools provide to enhance the visual appeal of your video.
  • Customize and Edit: After selecting your visual elements and importing your script, it is time to personalize and edit your video. Sound effects, music, and voiceovers can all be added to improve the viewing experience. Focus on pacing and changes to guarantee a smooth stream between scenes.
  • Preview and Finalize: Check for errors and inconsistencies before rendering your video by previewing it first. Make any fundamental changes, and afterward continue to deliver the last variant. When delivered, your vivified video is fit to be imparted to the world!

Best AI video Generator In 2024

With various AI video generators available in the market, choosing the right tool can plague. It is important to consider a few factors like how easy it is to use, how much it costs, what features are available, and who can help you. A few well-known choices include:

  • Synthesia- AI Training Videos

Making energized recordings utilizing AI has never been more straightforward. By utilizing the force of simulated intelligence video generators and computer-based intelligence video editors, anybody can release their imagination and produce attractive content in a few seconds. Whether you’re a business hoping to draw in your crowd or a substance maker looking to stick out, AI-powered movement devices offer vast potential outcomes. So why stand by? Begin making your show-stopper today,  and let your creative mind take off!

  • Colossyan

It is an AI video generator that allows you to make recordings from text and add AI Characters as entertainers. Videos for learning and training, explainer videos, corporate communications, and marketing are the primary use cases. It is a good AI video generator. They have automated translations and multiple aspect ratios, two useful features, and they keep adding more. Their symbols don’t have the nature of Synthesia’s symbols. In any case, their different valuing plans might make the apparatus more appealing to some.

  • Wondershare: AI Video

Wondershare Filmora has been around for quite a while. I utilized it quite a while back interestingly. Regardless of the age, it’s not trapped in time — a remarkable inverse. It has a set of AI features that make video quality better without having to take a professional course or spend dozens of hours making small changes.

Auto beat sync, which helps you keep your cuts aligned with the music blasting on your audio track, and a template library, which quickly creates a video based on your footage, are just two of the many other features that enhance creativity and productivity.

  • Hour One

AI video generator specializing in virtual humans in video is Hour One. Reals, their self-service video editing platform, makes it easy to create engaging videos from text in minutes. The tool includes more than 30 AI presenters that can narrate your video. They are based on real people but look and act a bit robotic when used as AI avatars.


Creating animated videos using AI has never been easier. By leveraging the power of AI video generators and AI video editors, anyone can unleash their creativity and produce captivating content in no time. Whether you’re a business looking to engage your audience or a content creator seeking to stand out, AI-powered animation tools offer endless possibilities. So why wait? Start creating your masterpiece today and let your imagination soar!

FAQ’s: Animated Video  Using AI

What is AI Video and How Does it Work?

AI video refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to create animated videos. It works by utilizing algorithms and machine learning techniques to automate the video creation process. AI analyzes input data such as text, images, and audio, and generates corresponding animated scenes.

Why Should I Use AI to Create Animated Videos?

Using AI for video creation offers several benefits, including saving time and effort, achieving professional-quality results, and accessing advanced editing features. Additionally, AI tools often provide a wide range of templates and customization options to suit various needs.

What Tools or Software Can I Use to Create Animated Videos Using AI?

There are several AI video tools and software available in the market, including Renderforest, Animaker, Vyond, and Hour One. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, extensive libraries of assets, and AI-powered features to streamline the video creation process.

How Can I Create Animated Videos Using AI in 2024?

To create animated videos using AI in 2024, you can follow these general steps:

  • Choose a suitable AI video tool or software based on your requirements.
  • Write a script or storyboard for your video.
  • Select visual elements such as animations, characters, and backgrounds.
  • Customize and edit your video, adding voiceovers, music, and effects as needed.
  • Preview and finalize your video before sharing it with your audience.

What Are Some Tips for Creating Engaging Animated Videos Using AI?

To create engaging animated videos using AI, consider the following tips:

  • Keep your script concise, clear, and engaging.
  • Use high-quality visuals and animations to capture viewers’ attention.
  • Incorporate storytelling elements to make your video more compelling.
  • Experiment with different styles and techniques to find what works best for your audience.
  • Optimize your video for search engines by including relevant keywords in your script and metadata.

Can I Customize AI Presenters in My Animated Videos?

Yes, many AI video tools offer customization options for AI presenters. You can choose from a variety of virtual characters, customize their appearance, and even adjust their behavior to suit your video’s tone and style.

Are There Any Limitations to Using AI for Video Creation?

While AI technology has advanced significantly, there are still some limitations to using AI for video creation. These may include limitations in creativity and human-like expressions, as well as potential technical issues or constraints with certain AI platforms.

How Can I Stay Updated on the Latest Trends and Developments in AI Video Creation?

To stay updated on the latest trends and developments in AI video creation, consider following industry blogs, attending relevant conferences or webinars, and joining online communities or forums dedicated to video production and AI technology. Additionally, keep an eye on updates and releases from AI video software providers for new features and improvements.













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