Altina Schinasi: Google Honors the Artistic Legacy

Altina Schinasi

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Altina Schinasi: Google Honors the Artistic Legacy

Altina Schinasi

On August 4, 2023, Google remembered the tradition of Altina Schinasi, a refined American craftsman, originator, and innovator famous for making the notorious Harlequin eyeglass outline, otherwise called the ‘feline eye’ outline. Brought into the world on this date in 1907 in Manhattan, New York, Altina Schinasi hailed from outsider guardians, with her mom being a Salonica local (then, at that point, part of the Ottoman Domain) and her dad a Sephardic Jewish Turk, as featured by Google.

About Altina Schinasi: Who Is She

Her noteworthy life was embellished with eminent achievements across different imaginative areas, traversing craftsmanship, film, business, and planning. Altina is generally celebrated for her notable commitment, the “Harlequin eyeglass outline,” lovingly perceived as feline eyeglasses. She is an expert in design, but she was also born to immigrants, which has a lasting impact on her cultural heritage.

Early Life and Family Background

Altina Schinasi’s lineage can be followed to her folks, Morris Schinasi, a Sephardic Jew from Manisa, Turkey, and Laurette Schinasi, beforehand Ben Rubi, brought into the world in Salonica, then a piece of the Ottoman Realm. Altina was unquestionably shaped by her family’s history and the experiences of growing up in an immigrant household. She was raised in a diverse and culturally enriching environment.

Journey in Arts

Since early on, Altina displayed unprecedented ability and a significant energy for human expression. She won praise and acclaim for her distinctive artistic vision in a variety of creative pursuits, including painting, filmmaking, window dressing, and design. Among her outstanding commitments to the design world was the creation of the notable “Harlequin eyeglass outline,” broadly perceived as feline eyeglasses. This momentous plan procured her honors as well as an enduring situation in the chronicles of eyewear design history.

Production of the Frames

One of Schinasi’s outstanding accomplishments included planning and making the Harlequin glasses, normally known as feline eyeglasses. She wanted to introduce a more fashionable design because she was dissatisfied with the conventional styles that were available at opticians. She got her inspiration from the distinctive shape of harlequin masks.

She obtained a patent for her original design toward the end of the 1920s. As the last part of the 1930s unfurled, Schinasi’s fruitful creation of these edges, combined with organizations with retail chains, shot feline eyeglasses into a pursued design extra embraced by various American ladies. Her historic plan earned acknowledgment from regarded distributions like Vogue and Life magazine. Moreover, she got the Ruler and Taylor American Plan Grant in 1939.

Altina Schinas : Entrepreneur

Altina’s entrepreneurial spirit radiated through her diverse ventures. Fearlessly venturing into various fields, she consistently pushed boundaries and defied norms. Her multifaceted talents and unwavering commitment to creativity positioned her as a formidable presence in the realms of design and innovation. Schinasi decided to sell the eyeglass business after the initial expansion in California, which included the establishment of a factory for the production of sunglasses. This move permitted her to divert her concentration towards her creative interests.

Personnel Life and Marriages

Schinasi likewise drove a satisfying individual life, set apart by four relationships. Her most memorable marriage was to designer Morris Sanders, trailed by an association with Viennese specialist Eric Barrett. After that, she tied the knot with Cuban artist Celestino “Tino” Miranda, a political scientist. Denis and Terry Sanders, Schinasi’s two sons, were deeply loved and connected to her. The two children sought after vocations in filmmaking, making eminent progress in 1955 when they won a Foundation Grant for Best Short Subject for their cooperative work on “A Time Out  War.


Schinasi continued to have a passion for filmmaking, which led her to start a new project. Securing the film privileges to Dr. Martin Luther Ruler Jr’s. the original record, “Step Toward Opportunity: The Montgomery Story,” she met with him in 1961 to introduce content and investigate the chance of creating a film about the Walk on Washington. She also met prominent civil rights activists like Rosa Parks and Ralph Abernathy and went to a service to hear Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during this endeavor. preach. Tragically, Schinasi confronted difficulties in getting financing for the undertaking, blocking its continuation.

Acknowledgement and Honor

All through her lifetime, Altina Schinasi’s commitments to workmanship and film were praised and recognized. She was honored with numerous prestigious awards, one of which was the Lord & Taylor American Design Award, demonstrating her influence in the fashion and design industries. Besides, Altina’s unprecedented work as a producer procured her a designation for the Foundation Grant for Best Narrative (Short Subject), further setting her place among the greats in the true-to-life domain.

End of Her Life

On August 19, 1999, at 92 years old, Altina Schinasi died in St Nick Fe, New Mexico, abandoning a significant effect on the universe of workmanship, film, and plan. Her inventive soul and noteworthy ability keep on moving imaginative personalities today.


Google’s recognition of Altina Schinasi remains as a fitting accolade for her getting through creative inheritance. From her momentous commitments to eyewear style, business, and filmmaking, Schinasi’s multi-layered gifts have made a permanent imprint on different imaginative spaces. Google’s acknowledgment not only highlights the meaning of her creative plans, for example, the famous Harlequin eyeglass outline, yet in addition gives proper respect to her brave investigation of assorted fields and her effect on the universe of workmanship and culture. The story of Altina Schinasi is a reminder of the power of creativity and the lasting impact that one person can have on the artistic landscape.


Who is Altina Schinasi, and why is Google honoring her artistic legacy?

Altina Schinasi was an extraordinary American artist, designer, and inventor known for her innovative contributions to eyewear fashion, particularly the iconic Harlequin eyeglass frame. Google is honoring her artistic legacy to recognize her significant impact on various creative fields, including art, design, and filmmaking.

What is the significance of the Harlequin eyeglass frame in Altina Schinasi’s legacy?

The Harlequin eyeglass frame, also known as cat-eye glasses, is one of Altina Schinasi’s most iconic creations. Its innovative design revolutionized eyewear fashion, earning her recognition and acclaim. Google’s tribute underscores the lasting influence of this groundbreaking design on the world of fashion.

How did Altina Schinasi contribute to the fields of entrepreneurship and filmmaking?

Altina Schinasi showcased her entrepreneurial spirit by expanding her eyeglass business, including the manufacturing of sunglasses in California. She later sold the company to focus on her artistic ventures. In filmmaking, she acquired the rights to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic account and attempted to produce a film about the March on Washington, showcasing her diverse interests.

Why did Altina Schinasi meet with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists?

Altina Schinasi met with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Ralph Abernathy to discuss the possibility of producing a film about the March on Washington. This initiative reflected her interest in using filmmaking as a medium to contribute to the civil rights movement and share important stories.

What awards and honors did Altina Schinasi receive during her lifetime?

Altina Schinasi received the Lord & Taylor American Design Award in 1939 for her revolutionary eyeglass frame design. Additionally, her sons, Denis and Terry Sanders, won an Academy Award in 1955 for Best Short Subject for their collaborative work on “A Time Out of War.”

How did Altina Schinasi’s personal life influence her artistic pursuits?

Altina Schinasi’s personal life, including her marriages and her strong connection with her sons Denis and Terry Sanders, provided a backdrop for her artistic endeavors. Her familial relationships and diverse personal experiences likely influenced the themes and expressions present in her creative works.

Why did Altina Schinasi’s filmmaking project on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s account face challenges?

Altina Schinasi encountered difficulties securing funding for her filmmaking project based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s account, “Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story.” Unfortunately, these challenges hindered the continuation of the project despite her efforts.


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