Every Week is Fashion Week For Me- Will It Be The Same In the Future?


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Every Week is Fashion Week For Me- Will It Be The Same In the Future?


The crowning event of the fashion industry’s calendar, Fashion Week, presents the best styles and trends for the coming season and sets the stage for forthcoming collections. It might appear unnecessary, excessive, or showy at first. (which is partially true). It actually has a much deeper meaning, one of impact. It has the power to influence consumers’ and companies’ attitudes toward this. Some companies took advantage of this chance to promote sustainable innovation, but many still need to.

Copenhagen Week unveiled an action plan to compel long-term change in companies that wanted to participate in their shows two years ago.

Let’s Dive Deep into The Future of Fashion Week

This strategy aims to make the city’s one of the best in the world by bringing luxury through transformation. All brands must now satisfy 18 minimal sustainability standards to be qualified to display collections during the exhibition as of this year.

These minimum standards center around six years, which includes the complete value chain. In addition, people ask several questions to each brand to glean information about its ongoing sustainability initiatives. These guidelines are being implemented for the first time this season, and CPHFW will assess their success and make adjustments moving forward.

Alternative these trends show formats are emerging, vying for viewers with “see now, pay now,” completely digital shows, live feeds, and outrageous spectacles.

Internationally,  attendees are exhausted and ask one another dramatically, “How are you surviving fashion week?” as if they were fighting a losing struggle. Designers are beginning to understand that there needs to be a different approach to showcasing their collections relevant to buyers, journalists, and blogs sitting in the front row at this alongside the trendsetters who browse new collections online.

Traditions are Experiencing Historical Changes in Style

The need to display couturiers’ collections in Europe led to the development of these shows as exclusive affairs with invitation-only guest lists that included buyers, prospective clients, and influential journalists. People crammed into ateliers to view the newest trend, forcing models to create their signature walks. The format had altered by the 1960s as ready-to-wear collections started to appear. Designers welcomed these changes because they saw a chance to promote mass consumption and youth culture. In contrast to earlier customs, the shows were less exclusive, and the models were urge to let loose on the runway.

Nowadays, consumerism in this industry is on an upswing, calling for a shift in the established this industry to keep up with the times. Luxury designers update the latest trends show’s structure. Leading brands place a premium on staying ahead of the curve, so modernizing these shows format is creating waves across the globe.

In 2016, Burberry set new trends by combining its male and womenswear shows and releasing its collections immediately. A customer cannot be told, “We’re really excit. We’re going to thrill you and inspire you, but you can’t touch it or feel it for another six months,” according to Christopher Bailey, CEO of Burberry, in an interview with WWD. Since it takes six months to buy the clothes, the buyer loses interest and moves on to the next new collection. Technology has significantly altered how consumers view trend

A “see now, buy now” these shows directly tackles the problem of fast retailers selling copies of runway designs just a few weeks after they are shown.

Versace Announces The End of Its Fashion Shows

Versace said earlier this month that in response to changes in this industry, they would do “important client events” all year round at various venues in place of their customary these trends show during these shows. If couture is inclusive, the Italian luxury company will present eight shows annually, which, in the words of CEO Jonathan Akeroyd, “seems excessive.”

At exclusive presentations worldwide, as well as dinners and cocktail parties, Donatella Versace’s couture collections will display with an eye toward customers. The presentations will need the same effort, time, and energy as the shows. Akeroyd assured the press that they did not make the change for financial reasons.

Social Media is A Factor in How Fashion Show Customs are Evolving

Modern technology, particularly social media, has fundamentally altered this industry. The consumer has become less sensitive due to easy access to information, which promotes mass consumption and strains designers and producers to meet demand. Sharing images from catwalks on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat allows fast trends to produce duplicates of the items before the original company puts them on shelves. Both our expectations of product availability and our sense of global interconnectedness have grown due to the internet.

Is this really so bad? Apps and the web can help designer brands stay relevant to their customers if they are used effectively.

Modifications to The Fashion Show System Could Impact The Supply Chain

Although “See now, buy now” tactics successfully convert a show’s excitement into sales, they may place much strain on suppliers. Fast trend merchants have created supply chains to generate large quantities of products with short lead times. The demands of speedier manufacturing timelines could seriously strain the employees and overall quality of major firms without factories. Between these shows and the garment’s arrival in stores, designers might refine and curate their collections to prevent opportunistic quick manufacturers from copying their designs.


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