How To Decorate The Top of Your Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center

How To Decorate The Top of Your Entertainment Center

Entertainment Center

Finding the ideal entertainment center for your house is essential, particularly if you opt against installing your television on the wall. You can raise your TV to eye level and hide any cords and boxes with it. You might need to add a few Decorate to your entertainment center if it’s starting to appear a little bare. There is a ton of possibilities that might be the ideal choice for your entertainment center, depending on your taste and aesthetic!

Important Things to Decorate Your Entertainment Center

Artwork for a Wall

Wall art is a flexible option for accentuating your entertainment center without taking up too much space. One of the best things about using prints and art to decorate is how easily you can discover something that fits your aesthetic. You may even print or paint something yourself to further accentuate your sense of style.

Caged Lighting

Ambient lighting alone is insufficient for home lighting needs; additional lighting is require. Layered lighting is also necessary for accents and duties. You can add one to three caged lamps to your room, depending on the size of your entertainment console. Find a cage in your home’s color and style, then start with an Edison bulb.

Feature Bookcases

You might not have a lot of decorating options with a TV stand. If the stand includes shelves, your electronic equipment occupies the majority of the shelf space. To reduce the chance of accidentally watering plants near electronic equipment, you might be able to add a candle or a fake plant.

Adding open bookcases to either side of your TV stand is a fantastic solution. You want the bookcases to have the same finish as your TV stand to make them appear as if they belong together. Your entertainment center will grow as a result of these upgrades, giving you more decorative options. You can use bookcases to store books that would look good on a coffee table or decorative items that match the color scheme of your space. You might find that this is an excellent method to showcase shadowboxes on easels with artificial succulents or pressed flowers. A bouquet of artificial flowers and various green plants might continue the motif.

Decorate The Top Shelf with Holiday and Seasonal Sceneries

Enjoy the season! If your entertainment center has a top shelf above the TV, you can utilize a variety of holiday and seasonally-appropriate decorations. This shelf can be set aside for these unique ornaments. To draw attention to a nativity scene, a collection of glass pumpkins, or some lovely sisal Easter bunnies, you can choose to install a few recessed lights. Your love antique Gurley Thanksgiving candles or a couple of squirrel figurines might be displayed against a backdrop of autumnal leaves and branches.

Highlight The Shapes of Squares and Rectangles

Play up geometric shapes, especially square and rectangular shapes, if your decor is contemporary.

You can play up the rectangle and square shapes of your furniture with various accessories if your TV is positioned on the wall above your TV stand.

Place framed pictures or vertical rectangular mirrors on either side of your TV, repeating the rectangle shape.

Include Detailed Cinema Curtains for An Elegant Look

If you have a sizable entertainment center, you could want to give it a more opulent appearance to make a more cinematic statement. Layers of draperies, rope tiebacks, and drapes with fringe can all be used to embellish an extravagant entertainment center. Choose a cloth that complements the general theme and color of your décor. Install a few architectural features that match your house design if you want to go all out. These could include the entertainment unit’s two supporting columns and the crown molding.

Display Your Antique Collection on Shelves

Use your home entertainment center’s curved ends to display an antique collection. May display ancient bottles or antique vases, for instance, on either end of your entertainment center. Small or tiny objects should be avoided because they will get lost in the size of your entertainment center. The display will be a very captivating showcase that is simple to notice and enjoy if large-sized things occupy the areas.

Incorporate Modern Color Splashes

If your Decorate home entertainment center has floating shelves, add a fun pop of color by picking an accent color and setting up items in that color on either side of the TV at different heights. Place trailing plants on the top shelf and the shelf between the top and bottom shelves if you like them. Be careful not to surround the TV with anything that will vie for your attention.

Use Crystals and Geodes to Add Sparkle

You can use your entertainment center to impress everyone if you and your family are rock hounds. Choose the specimens from your magnificent collection of geodes, crystals, and favorite rock types you want to display in your entertainment unit.

Use squares of colored felt underneath each specimen to enrich your presentation. The felt square will act as a barrier between the shelf and any sharp or uneven pebbles. For each show, choose a complementary or contrasting hue. Just make sure the felt colors you select complement your area’s design.



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