Meta: Empowering Brands by Launches New Tools to Protect IP Infringement


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Meta: Empowering Brands by Launches New Tools to Protect IP Infringement


Meta has introduced fresh tools and services aimed at assisting brands in safeguarding their intellectual property and thwarting unauthorized usage. This encompasses an enhanced Brand Rights Protection suite designed to recognize and address infringing content, along with the introduction of a new Intellectual Property Reporting Center where brands can submit their complaints

Key Highlights: Meta

  • We’re unveiling an upgraded edition of Brand Rights Protection and a novel Intellectual Property Reporting Center, geared towards safeguarding businesses from harm and misuse. These enhancements aim to enhance transparency and facilitate more efficient issue resolution.
  • Furthermore, we’re implementing various modifications to the Rights Manager for images, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and derive value from their content on a larger scale.
  • Our commitment to combating counterfeits, piracy, and trademark violations remains steadfast. We persistently invest in product solutions to enhance the overall experience for businesses across our suite of applications.

Brand Rights Protection

The recently updated Brand Rights Protection service offers brand owners advanced tools to monitor and address the misuse of their trademarks. This includes upgraded features such as more sophisticated matching algorithms, saved searches, and an expanded reference library. These enhancements empower brands to readily identify and report infringements and impersonations.

Saved Search:

Meta introduction of saved search enables users to save frequently used search terms and filters, reducing the need for repetitive entry. It’s important to note that saved searches are personalized for each user and do not synchronize across all users with access to a business account.

Cross-Surface Search:

This innovative feature allows searches to run simultaneously across Ads, Commerce, Accounts, and Posts, minimizing the need to re-enter search terms after each login.

Reference Library Expansion:

The reference library limit has been increased to 200 images, up from the previous cap of 50. This enhancement empowers brands to monitor a broader array of variations related to their brand assets.

Introducing the New Intellectual Property Reporting Center: Meta

Our Intellectual Property Reporting Center introduces enhanced features for rights holders utilizing our IP reporting forms to address content they believe infringes their intellectual property rights. This center streamlines the reporting process by storing relevant account information and consolidating reporting history in one accessible location. To access the IP Reporting Center, reporters must log into their Facebook, Instagram, or Business Manager account. For multiple users under the same Business Manager account, reporting history for the entire business can be conveniently viewed. This improvement aims to save time for individuals who frequently use our Intellectual Property Reporting Forms.

Rights Manager Updates

Rights Manager, an automated matching tool designed to empower creators in managing and protecting their copyrighted content at scale, is receiving significant enhancements. Both Brand Rights Protection and Rights Manager offer distinctive features to support rights holders, depending on the type of intellectual property (IP) rights they aim to safeguard. In particular, three new features are being introduced to expand the capabilities of managing images in Rights Manager:

Automatic Blocking: Rights holders with a demonstrated need can now automatically block matching images, enhancing their control over potential copyright infringement.

Image Attribution: Rights holders have the option to add attribution links to matching content on Facebook, and later on Instagram. This feature allows for the inclusion of ownership information about the matching image. Additionally, rights holders can include a call to action, inviting viewers to Follow, Email, or Message their Page directly.

Bulk Actions: Rights holders now have the ability to apply actions to multiple image reference files simultaneously, increasing efficiency in the management of the reference library.

These new features aim to provide rights holders with more versatile options for managing their content at scale, whether it be through automatic blocking of infringing content, gaining value through image attribution, or streamlining library management with bulk actions.

Introducing New Resources for Business Protection:

In conjunction with these tool enhancements, Meta is introducing additional resources to assist businesses in safeguarding their brands across Meta’s platforms. This initiative involves improvements to existing tools and the launch of a new section titled “Protecting Businesses” on the Meta for Business website. The newly introduced website section provides valuable guidance for companies aiming to formulate strategies for brand protection. It encompasses insights on preventing misuse, monitoring for violations, and effectively resolving issues to fortify brand integrity.

Protect, Monitor, Resolve:

  • To foster a secure connection between businesses and individuals, we implement a multi-layered “defense-in-depth” strategy, proactively detecting and preventing vulnerabilities. Brands are equipped with tools to verify and authenticate their Pages, accounts, and intellectual property.
  • For monitoring purposes, we maintain several tools that empower brands to detect potential harms. This facilitates an easier process for our customers to search and manage their brand’s presence across Meta Technologies.
  • In the resolution phase, we are continually enhancing our reporting methods to better support our customers’ needs. Our aim is to provide efficient, centralized, and intuitive ways to report violating content and address instances of brand misuse. This ensures a streamlined and effective process for resolving issues promptly.

Final Thoughts

We are steadfast in our commitment to collaborate with businesses, assisting them in safeguarding the authentic presence of their brands across our platforms. This involves furnishing comprehensive information on constructing a brand protection strategy and making substantial investments in our intellectual property tools. Our overarching goal is to empower businesses and rights holders to cultivate their brands while retaining control over the utilization of their content.




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