They’re Hiring a Meme Strategist for the Biden Campaign

They’re Hiring a Meme Strategist for the Biden Campaign

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They’re Hiring a Meme Strategist for the Biden Campaign

They’re Hiring a Meme Strategist for the Biden Campaign

It’s not a joke—President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is on the lookout for an experienced “Partner Manager, Content and Meme Pages” to engage with the internet’s top content creators and meme pages. This role, which can pay up to $85,000, highlights the evolving landscape of political campaigning where digital strategy is as crucial as grassroots efforts.

The Power of Online Engagement

In today’s digital age, memes have become essential tools for political campaigns. They allow politicians to meet voters where they are—online. Viral content can connect with millions of people in an instant. This understanding has led Biden’s team to maintain a TikTok presence, despite controversies surrounding the platform. As Annie Wu Henry, a digital communications strategist, mentioned in a conversation with TechCrunch, “We can and should add relevant, trendy, and fun moments into how we communicate, especially on digital platforms. But even if it’s just a meme, we need to keep being strategic, deliberate, and aware.”

Memes: A Strategic Asset

The Biden campaign has previously used memes to boost voter engagement. For example, the “Dark Brandon” meme, initially a satirical take by the alt-right, has been repurposed by Biden’s team to great effect. The meme’s popularity even translated into significant merchandise sales, accounting for 54% of the campaign store’s overall sales in August, according to Axios.

Donald Trump’s campaign has similarly harnessed the power of memes. Following his viral mugshot, Trump’s team quickly capitalized by selling merchandise emblazoned with the image and the slogan “Never Surrender.”

The Digital Shift in Political Campaigns

Biden isn’t the first politician to recognize the impact of online activity on election outcomes. Social media has long been a powerful tool for political activists, but the pandemic accelerated its adoption in campaigns. In 2020, Gen Z supporters of Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) formed the “Markeyverse,” an organic online movement aimed at securing his reelection due to his environmental policies. Additionally, anonymous online figures like Organizer Memes have been educating political groups on the strategic use of memes, further demonstrating their significance in modern political discourse.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the Biden administration’s potential ban on TikTok may raise questions about the campaign’s digital strategies, the effort to connect with younger voters through social media should not be underestimated. Engaging with memes and viral content shows that the campaign is attuned to the platforms where younger audiences spend their time.


The hiring of a meme strategist underscores the importance of digital engagement in contemporary political campaigns. Memes, viral content, and online interactions are not just frivolous distractions; they are powerful tools that can shape public perception and influence electoral outcomes. By embracing these digital strategies, political campaigns can foster deeper connections with a diverse voter base, ultimately driving their success in today’s interconnected world.

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